Our goal is to increase the level
of service of TORECO equipment.

In order to achieve a professional level of service, Toreco has invested considerably in the training of technicians. Today, our specialists can provide an intervention within 24-72 hours after receiving a request by

Phone - (022) 829 629
fax – (022) 829 622
email – info@toreco.md

Starting 01.01.2018 TORECO SRL operates the following service charges:

* The distance is calculated in one direction from the Toreco service location.
Zone 0
120 MDL / intervention
inside the city of Chisinau
Zone 1*
300 MDL / intervention
50 km away from Chisinau
Zone 2*
660 MDL / intervention
more than 60 km and maximum 120 km
Zone 3*
1050 MDL / intervention
distance more than 120 km
380 MDL / hour/workman
for equipment
Distance is calculated
is calculated in one direction
from the Toreco service location

Service offer:

Standard Service Contract:

it is signed with the sale of the washing / sweeping machine and provides for 1-2 annual maintenance interventions during the warranty period. The frequency of visits shall be agreed upon.

Maintenance contract:

it is recommended both during warranty and post-warranty period, to prevent damage to certain subassemblies and to extend the use of equipment. The frequency of visits is established by common accord.

Full-Service Agreement:

This contract is mandatory when you lease new equipment for a period of 36 months, based on an annual number of activity hours. The contract stipulates that any failure that does not result from a misuse of use will be remedied at the expense of the service provider (Toreco). The contract may also include supplies, so during the contract, supplies are delivered by Toreco.

In conclusion, if you are using the equipment you benefit from the following:

2-year warrantyfor new Tennant equipment within 2000 hours of operation. In the first year, the warranty covers the piece, the workmanship and the on-site movement. 2-year warranty includes only the piece, the workmanship and the transport are billed separately.

Full 1 year, unlimited hours warranty on reconditioned Tenannt, Sprintus, Kaivac, HSM, WM System, PTC.

Prompt intervention on the spot in 24-72 hours after receiving by

Phone - (022) 829 629
fax – (022) 829 622
email – info@toreco.md

Possibility to have maintenance contracts for the purpose of preventing technical problems.

Possibility to have Full-Service contracts..
Training for users.

Technical evaluation for any equipment billed by Toreco, spare parts, consumables and service both at TORECO headquarters in Chisinau and on the spot.

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